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Dr. Bill Hamon, Founder, Christian International

Bishop Bill HamonIn 1967, Dr. Bill Hamon founded Christian International School of Theology and in 1970 the first CI Extension Colleges were established. During the last twenty-six years, hundreds of CI Extensions have been established in local churches around the world. Over 8,000 students have enrolled in CI Off-Campus Bible College Courses with over 820 graduates. For 30 years, CI has developed quality college courses in 10 different majors.

In 1979, God challenged Dr. Hamon to add the "School of the Holy Spirit" to the CI ministry. This "school" served as a "classroom ministry" to teach, train, and activate individuals in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In addition, special Holy Spirit emphasis conferences and seminars were held throughout the year at nearby hotel/resort facilities to meet the registration demands.

In 1980, Christian International formed its first ministerial association, Christian International Ministerial Association (CIMA). Three years later, in 1983, Dr. Bill Hamon received the revelation that God was going to raise up a great end-time company of prophets to restore the ministries of the prophet and the apostle.

He wrote the first in a series of three books on prophets and the prophetic ministry. God began giving Dr. Hamon both a vision and a burden for calling forth, activating, and maturing that great company of prophets. CIMA was changed to Christian International Network of Prophetic Ministries (CI NPM) with the purpose of fulfilling that vision. CI NPM grew nationwide with scores of ministers and churches. Hundreds of prophets and prophetic ministers were called forth and activated into prophetic ministry.

In 1991, apostles began to be recognized, along with the prophets, as foundational ministries of the Church. The Apostolic Movement was in its embryonic stages. A cry was coming forth from the hearts of ministers and churches for God's government, order, and apostolic miracles to be established in local churches and ministries. CI NPM had trained and activated thousands of ministers and saints across the world as the Prophetic Movement sounded forth the call of God to gather a company of end-time prophets. With the birthing of the Apostolic, an understanding of oversight and accountability began to be a strong desire. The networking together of ministers and churches for relationship, oversight, and accountability would add a new dimension of covering for those relating to CI NPM. In May of 1992, Christian International Network of Churches (CINC) was formed to meet that need.

CI Ministries Network serves its members with a unique apostle/prophet team ministry concept, while pursuing excellence in all fivefold ministries. No other organization or network offers what is available in linking together the apostolic and the prophetic such as was demonstrated in the book of Acts. For the last thirty years, Dr. Hamon and CI have sought to present and promote the cutting edge of what God is doing and saying in the Church.

Prophet Jim and Apostle Judy Stevens, President and Vice President, Christian International Global Network

Jim and Judy StevensProphet Jim and Apostle Judy Stevens serve as president and vice president of Christian International Global Network (CIGN), which is the base for CI’s international ministry.  Jim and Judy are ordained with Christian International and serve on the Board of Governors for Bishop Bill and Evelyn Hamon. 

The Stevens travel nationally and internationally as conference speakers and prophetically minister the heart of God.  They have helped to help establish and strengthen many churches.  They have also raised up prophetic teams in churches and are regarded by many as a father and a mother in the Kingdom.  The Stevens teach and activate saints through CI’s Ministering Spiritual Gifts seminar in the USA as well as in other countries.

The Stevens are based at Marion Christian Center in Marion, Ohio, where they serve as directors and staff.  They have been part of this local church since its beginning in 1973.  Jim and Judy teach in Eagle Christian College based at the Marion church.  They also lead the Friday night School of the Holy Spirit, administrate the School of the Prophet, teach and direct the Prophetic Teams and teach in the School of Apostle.  Along with senior pastors Dr. John and Pat Watson, the Stevens serve MCC’s own network (Network of Christian Churches, NCC) as prophets and administrators.

Jim and Judy have been married for 44 years and have two married children and four adorable grandchildren.


Apostles Alex and Rosetta Florence, Christian International Canada

Apostles Alex and Rosetta FlorenceApostles Alex & Rosetta Florence received Jesus as Lord and Savior in March of 1968 in a little Baptist church in Scarborough Ontario.  Apostle Rosetta had grown up Catholic and Apostle Alex grew up Scottish Presbyterian. They moved to Canada from Aberdeen, Scotland forty years ago and have served the body of Christ in many capacities. Apostles Alex & Rosetta were called into ministry and began Pastoring Life Fellowship in 1994, which is the present day Josephs’ Storehouse Christian Ministries.  

Apostles Alex and Rosetta are ordained ministers through Christian International, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida in January 1996 and serve as President and Director of CI Canada under the covering of Bishop Bill Hamon since 1999.  Presently they reside in Spruce Grove, Alberta where they function as Apostles to Josephs’ Storehouse Christian Ministries. They enjoy a close family relationship with their children and grandchildren. 

The Apostles’ heart is to see Pastors and People changed and charged.  They desire to impart enthusiasm and passion so people know they are loved for life's transformation to take place.  To love unconditionally. They also desire to provide a place of integrity for you to receive truth so clarity arises.  

Apostles Alex and Rosetta’s desire is to see pastors, leaders and the body of Christ changed and charged to fulfill their destiny in Christ. Her purpose is to impart enthusiasm and passion so people will know they are loved, for life’s transformation to take place, so they can love unconditionally.   




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