In recent years, a growing number of immigrants coming to Canada. And it is not surprising, because not for nothing that the United Nations has recognized Canada one of the best countries in the world to live. Here are the most frequently asked questions of our office staff. And here are the answers of our lawyers …

Do I have to hire a lawyer or an immigration consultant to immigrate to Canada?

No, you don’t have to. Although it is possible to apply for permanent residence by yourself, we repeatedly come across cases where applicants who have had a very strong case received a negative result due to an error while filling out questionnaires, forms or misconduct in an interview at the embassy. For this reason Government of Canada encourages to hire a lawyer or an immigration consultant to represent a client competently in all instances of immigration and properly prepare them for the interviews. Doing this ensures maximum success of immigration to Canada.

Do I need to hire a lawyer or an immigration consultant's services are good enough?

Lawyers – are professionally trained and experienced professionals, who can provide the most professional and competent service, ensuring that the best possible program is selected for you and your family to immigrate to Canada. Lawyers are controlled by the BAR Association, and they are responsible for the quality of their work. If a lawyer made a mistake or was negligent toward you or your application/case, he or she may lose their license and thus the right to practice. All lawyers are required to have insurance, therefore if the lawyer caused you to receive a negative result because of their negligence or inexperience, the client may recoup their losses from the insurance company. Therefore, lawyers are responsible for their clients till the end.

Lawyers have the right to represent the interests of the client at any stage of the immigration, trial and/or appeal processes. In addition, Canadian embassies, which process client’s documents, treat lawyers with higher regard and perceive cases from them as more trustworthy.

How can you know if you hired a Canadian lawyer or not?

It’s easy. Each province in Canada has its own BAR Association (a society that has a list of all practicing lawyers in that province or territory). Every practicing lawyer is required to be a member of at least one BAR association in Canada. Therefore, if you would like to check whether you hired a lawyer, you may call the respective BAR Association and see whether your lawyer is listed in it. Your lawyer is required by law to tell you which BAR Association he/she belongs to.

What guarantees do you offer to your customers?

Lawyers never give a guarantee because only an immigration officer can make a final decision on an immigration case. An attorney can only guarantee that the application will be submitted professionally and without errors. Nevertheless, for example, in our company, we undertake the case only after the customer fills-out the preliminary questionnaire and, if necessary, a thorough preliminary analysis of the documents submittedf. Only then we will be able to tell our client his or her chances of success of immigration. Otherwise, we will explain why we are not able to take this case or why the client is not eligible for any immigration programs available at this time (rarely happens).

In addition, we often explain to our potential clients that you have to be careful with anyone who offers a guarantee because it is a sure sign that the client deals with not an honest company. At the end, what professional would guarantee a result and a final decision that is not being decided by that professional?

How much do your services cost?

We do not just fill-out your application, but also conduct business on behalf of the client and present him/her before all immigration authorities. Therefore, the cost of our services depend on the complexity of the case, and the category/program which the client decides to pursue. Therefore, the price is determined on a case-by-case basis.

What is included in our services?

This price includes full immigration service for our customers up to and including the date of his/her entry into Canada. 

Services include:

  • Preparation of a necessary package of documents for the embassy;
  • Translation and notarization of all required documents;
  • All postage costs
    • the cost of one ordinary registered letter by courier such as UPS or FedEx – about $75, we use only their services for correspondence with the embassy and customers;
  • Telephone calls and faxes;

*With regards to our Russian/Ukrainian-speaking clients, we offer additional personal training of the client for an interview at the embassy in their language. We’re currently expanding this service to more languages.

How do I start the process of immigration?

First, you have to decide to immigrate to Canada and make peace in your head with this idea. Then you have to fill our general questionnaire on our website, answering all the questions. Within 1-2 business days we will conduct a free pre-assessment of your chances to immigrate to Canada and provide you with your best options.

What documentation is required in order to start the immigration process?

Among the documents necessary to start work on an immigration matter, you should collect these document for every person that is applying for immigration:

  • Copies of birth certificates;
  • Education documents (diplomas, certificates etc.);
  • Marriage certificates and divorce certificates;
  • Criminal record check;
  • Employment records
  • Resume

A more complete list of the necessary documents will be provided after the applicant receives a preliminary analysis of his/her data on the immigration case.

Notarized copies and translations of these documents are not required, these services are included in the cost of our attorney’s fees.

How long will this process take?

Term of consideration of cases range from one to two years .

Where the applicant has to submit his application for permanent residence?

The application for permanent residence may be filed at any embassy at the request of the applicant. However, when you decide to apply to the embassy in a foreign country, there are many factors that must be taken into account. We approach each case individually with its own issues and challenges and always substantiate our recommendations to our clients.

What is the Canadian immigration visa?

This is a document that allows to live and work anywhere in Canada, as well as a document that confirms his/her status as a permanent resident of Canada. This document permits its holder to have the same rights (other than the election of the government officials) and the same duties as citizens of Canada. The holder of this status could lose it if he/she does not reside in Canada for a certain period of time (changes quite frequently) or committed a crime.

Who in the family should apply to be the main applicant?

The main applicant should be the one member of the family, whose data can score the most points. Its important to remember that personal data plays a crucial role in the immigration process. In this case the result is automatically extended to the whole family whether its positive or negative.

*A family means a husband, wife, and their children under the age of 22.

Who in the family may be included in an application for permanent residence?

This includes your husband/wife and children that are younger than 22 years old. Those members of your family who you choose to include in your application must pass a medical examination and must not have a criminal record. Other family members, such as parents, can not be included in your application, but you may sponsor them once you have arrived in Canada and worked in the country for less than one year.

Can I extend my Immigration Visa?

No, this visa can not be extended. If you can not enter Canada before the designated deadline, you have to start all over again.

How the Work Visa is different from the Immigration Visa?

Work Permit (aka Work Visa) in Canada allows its holder to live and work in Canada for a certain time. It also imposes restrictions on the activities of that holder in Canada. Work Permit does not entitle an immigration. Immigration is a permanent resident visa that grants the right to live and work anywhere in Canada, enjoy the privileges of a Canadian citizen and to obtain a Canadian citizenship after three years. Work visa does not allow you to sponsor your relatives to come to Canada.

Can I apply for both visas simultaneously?

Yes, you can do so. However, your application for a work visa may suffer because you want to stay in Canada after its term expires. Therefore, it is better to first apply for a work visa and then go and try to apply for the immigration visa for permanent residency.

Can I get a temporary visa, if you have already applied for permanent resident visa?

In a decision on the possibility of issuing you a visa for temporary entry to Canada will affect a few factors:

  • Immigration application
  • A clear answer to the question what is the possibility that you will stay in Canada after the expiry of your temporary visa?

After receiving immigration visas, can one person enter Canada first and then the rest of the family?

Each immigration visa has its own expiration date. Typically, this date is one year from the medical examinations that you would be required to go though. Immigration law allows for the principal applicant enter Canada first and then all other family members can come later. But certainly principal applicant has to enter Canada before the expiration date of the entry visa for permanent residence.

What is the minimum amount of money required to move to Canada?

Independent immigrants must present 10,000 Canadian dollars for the principal applicant , plus an additional two thousand for each additional family member , who is living in Canada. These funds are necessary for living and adaptation of the family in Canada in the first six months of stay in the country.

When can I become a Canadian citizen ?

To obtain Canadian citizenship you need to be in the country with a permanent resident status for at least 3 years.

Can I have dual citizenship?

Yes, if it is recognized by the country from which you are immigrating. Canada itself recognizes dual citizenship.

How does the immigration process influence the purchase of real estate in Canada?

Until you become a permanent resident, acquisition of real estate does not give you any advantages. Meaning, it does not help your immigration. Moreover, if you want to apply for a Canadian visitor’s visa, the officials have more reasons for the refusal because of your intent to permanently stay in Canada. With regard to entrepreneurs who are already living in Canada, investing money in real estate does not allow to modify the conditions that exist for this class of immigrants, as the authorities do not consider this kind of business active.

How realistic is it to come to Canada as a refugee?

The category of refugees include people who are persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political views. And at the same time, their own state is unwilling or unable to help them. The general rule is: the more democracy, the less refugees. However, we also provide assistance to people who filed for refugee status. And we want to note with pride, that we are doing quite well in this area, and our record of refugee cases is 9 out of 10.

How does an immigration officer interpret new rules of immigration?

Applicants must have at least one year of professional work experience in the last 10 years. In addition, under the new selection system immigrants are required to receive a passing grade of 75 out of 100, which is composed of the following factors:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Professional experience
  • Language skills
  • Ability to adapt.

Is it possible to immigrate to Canada gaining less than 75 points?

Yes, the Canadian government gave the right to immigration officers to use their positive or negative judgment (discretion), when they are considering the applicant’s case. It’s also decided on the applicant’s ability to settle in Canada in economic terms and in terms of ability to adapt to Canadian life.

What are the financial requirements for the applicant for permanent residence?

Generally, people wishing to come to Canada must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to support themselves and their families for six months after their arrival in Canada.

What are the requirements for a permanent resident living in Canada?

Under the new rules, a permanent resident must reside (be physically present) at least 730 days (2 years) during the five-year period in Canada.

He or she may be located outside of Canada for a longer (specified) period of time if:

  • he/she is accompanying a Canadian citizen who is his or her spouse (husband/wife) or partner in a civil union (common-law relationship) or is a child being accompanied by a parent.
  • is working full time for a Canadian business.

What is the new Permanent Resident Card?

The Canadian government gives all residents the opportunity to get another proof of their status/identity in Canada. A new permanent resident card will be given to all immigrants who have become permanent residents of Canada. In most cases, the card is valid for 5 years, if necessary, can be renewed after this period of time. In some cases, permanent resident card can only be issued for 1 year. Although residents should not necessarily apply for a permanent resident card, transportation companies (airlines) may not transport residents to Canada without a valid Permanent Resident Card.

What is the Canadian government's immigration charges/fees?

In the category of professional immigration, the main applicant must pay a non-refundable fee for the examination of the case – 22 years old must pay – $150, while those who are 22 and older, pay $550.

In addition, each new immigrant over 22 years of age must pay a fee to enter Canada in the amount of $975.

* All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Do I have to visit Canada before submitting an application for immigration?

It is not necessary to visit Canada before applying. However, we always advise potential business immigrants to come to Canada before they buy a business here or create a new business or make investments.